The day the earth stood still on cable one: an alien as a Savior


As early as 1951 The day the earth stood still “and denounced political witch hunts, violence, hatred, and nuclear madness on” was born. In the Remake of the 2008 Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly are in the lead roles to see.

About the sense and nonsense of Remakes can be quite contentious. However, some issues are in the core so timeless that it makes sense, you to changing viewing habits, to adapt and to modernise. “The day the earth stood still” is a case in point. The world continues to turn, but the people are not wiser. So, a renewed philosophy hour is mounted over the essence of humanity perfectly. With great effort, produces, and with Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly and Kathy Bates is prominently occupied, has in the 2008 Version also Blockbuster qualities. Cable one shows the analogies to today’s time poor movie now as a repeat in Prime time.

That the earth is on the brink, although most people don’t realize it, to protect but an alien race that has taken on the task of the planet. Because there is in the universe only a handful of such stars, the complex life, like Klatuu (Reeves) is justified. Thus, the Ambassador to the aliens a big difference to the Original: in 1951, it went to the nuclear arms madness, from which Klatuu felt threatened. In 2008, it is the earth itself, and the irresponsible way of dealing with it.

Klatuus arrival on earth, reinforces this impression: He is not welcomed very friendly, but with a large military effort, so that his bodyguard, a giant robot, must the lame command-armed Welcome, with a glance from his rays the eye. Only the scientist Helen (Jennifer Connelly) has a heart for Klatuu. She helps him to escape from the military complex and will persuade the alien executor, at the end, to show mercy.

However, Klatuu’s first merciless in his Mission, not so sweet as to be 1951er-alter-Ego. Blame you not: can fizzles’s him An offer of negotiations, he will be hounded and hunted like a felon. Even Helen’s ten year old step-son Jacob (Jaden Smith) wants to kill the visitors from the All of rather. Just to be safe, he says. However, the Small will be the softens together with his single mother in a dripping cheesy scene Klatuus heart. Because people have other sides than just the destructive.

The like faith, who wants to. But Director Scott Derrickson puts the focus on love and forgiveness, in a movie, the works unnecessarily with lots of religious references: from the ark, the flood and a destructive swarm of locusts as a punishment from God. The neo-conservative Interpretation of the substance is not only unnecessary, it negates even the cleverest set of the film. Originally by John Cleese in an appearance as the scientists: “humanity can change only if it is on the brink.” This, however, presupposes a self-determined Act, which is replaced here by God, or Klatuus, will.

This ambiguity is also reflected in the film: It is beautiful and in the CGI age, pleasing old-fashioned when landing Klatuus especially with light, shadow and fog, work – the are still the best style for a Sci-Fi Film, in which extraterrestrials visit. There remains, of course: “The day the earth stood still” runs at some point but the whole trick of technology that has to offer the modern cinema.

Source: teleschau – the media service GmbH