Sneaker Release: The 4 most important Trend Sneaker of the week


In our new weekly section – GQ Sneaker Release Radar – we take a look at the hottest Sneaker Releases on the weekend, and for you, what are the models of Nike, Adidas and co. You definitely can on the screen should have. New this week from Jerry Lorenzo, the finest craftsmanship from Tokyo, and a tribute to the Alien movie waiting for us. (Also read: White Sneakers: these are the 10 best models of the year)

Sneaker Release #1: Reebok Alien USCM “Bug Stomper”

In 1986 the world of cinema, from the futuristic Science Fiction movie “Aliens was added-The return” in fear and terror. But it only Sigourney Weaver in the role of Ellen Ripley, but also the shoes she wore in this movie: the Reebok Alien Stomper does not enthusiastic. Similar to the Nike in the Back for the Film “into the future” was also designed here a Sneaker specifically for a movie, and in the follow-up for the market produces.

Reebok Alien USCM “Bug Stomper”

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After the OG models have already appeared, 2016, extended Reebok is now the enemy Invasion with the Camouflage-colored “Bug Stomper”. With tried-and-tested Style elements – such as the iconic Strap or the Upper is made from grained leather – was paying homage to the OG here to satisfy. Fans of the movie can the model from the 25. April at selected stores such as Overkill, Asphalt gold or 43einhalb for 219 Euro purchase.

Sneaker Release #2: New Balance Tokyo Design Studio R_C1300TF

The Tokyo Design Studio, New Balance was founded to honor the long-standing popularity of the American brand in Japan. This Japanese Special Force focuses on the boundaries of the Brand to explore and to conceptualize futuristic Designs – the Japanese craftsmanship and the high quality associated with it, of course.

New Balance Tokyo Design Studio R_C1300TF

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The “R_C1300TF is” seamlessly in the Tradition of his predecessors, and leather supported with an Upper made of stratified wild the high quality claim of the Studios. Thanks to the double cushioning in the Form of a ENCAP and ABZORB unit to the sole of the Shoe is not only noble, but also futuristic. For about 195 Euro you can the model from the Japanese-American brotherhood, from the 25. April Ssense or END get hold of. (Also interesting: Top 10: the best-selling Sneakers)

Sneaker Release #3: Nike Air Fear Of God 1 “Triple Black”

As Kanye West presented at the time of the Yeezy line of the fashion world, he brought his entire Entourage. Figures such as Virgil Abloh, Matthew Williams and Heron Preston were poached, according to Kanye, Transfer to Herzogenaurach from the Swoosh. To be next to the #BEENTRILL Trio also caught the Indiana-born Jerry Lorenzo, for Nike to be creative. His “Fear Of God 1”-Silhouette, which has the same name as his Label, a guarantee proved to be an absolute Hit.

Nike Air Fear Of God 1 “Triple Black”

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All of the Colorways of the model were sold out in a matter of seconds and are currently on platforms such as StockX resale values of up to 1500 Euro. So also the “Triple Black”Version is on the weekend, guaranteed to be not a simple purchase. The newest litter from the former designer of the Justin Bieber Tourmerchs features a tonal upper that is supported by a matching TPU cage. From the 25. April, the model in the Nike SNEAKRS App will be released and will cost 350 euros. (Also of interest: shoes from the future: This is the new Sneaker Trend, 2019)

Sneaker Release #4: Human Made × Adidas Superstar

The Superstar is celebrating this year its 50. Anniversary. What started as a response to the Canvas-models in Basketball, and later, the favorite model of the rap group Run DMC has been advanced over the years to most quickly Adidas sought after and probably the most timeless model. So passed since then, no decade in which the Silhouette is not on the road has been spotted. Cross-generational icon with the Shelltoe wacker in the Mainstream and will not get out of there so fast. In order to make the 3-strip collectors for the birthday of the Superstars is a joy, has teamed up with various partners of the brand, which all have their Interpretation of the superstar. One of them is Nigo with his Brand Human Made.

Human Made × Adidas Superstar

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The Japanese Mastermind has been born in the same year as the Superstar, the light of the world, and has since the 90s with the founding of his own Brand “A Bathing Ape” aka Bape a name in the global Streetwear scene. After he sold the last shares of his label in 2006, he withdrew, and then 2014 as a Designer of Uniqlo U and his new Label, Human Made visibly grown and matured report back. Our fourth Sneaker Release of the week is his latest project for Adidas: Three different Superstar copies with Branding on the heel, as well as the Slogan of Human-Made “Gears For Futuristic Teenagers” on the three stripes. All three models are from 24. April Adidas and a few selected stores such as Asphalt gold available.