The green Beauty Booster to the Stars


Natural cosmetics? Well, of course! All of Hollywood with floats just on the green wave, and so will we! What natural Beauty boosters Stars such as Cara Delevingne, 27, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, 33, and co. to put, we can tell you here.

These 7 natural beauty products the Stars

1. Perfect skin, thanks to the rosehip oil

As the first climate-neutral Label from new Zealand Trilogy today, especially for the “certified organic rosehip oil” known. With the Mix of unsaturated fatty acids, Vitamin A and C it reduces blemishes and conceal even acne scars.

A tip from Model Cara Delevingne: “I always give a few drops of the Oil to my care.”

Here you can see the rosehip oil for about 21 Euro shop

2. Refreshing beauty spray from nature

Since 2001, the brand spoils us Caudalíe with natural cosmetics. Your Hero Ingredient? The Wine Grape. Under the Claim of “vinotherapy” (i.e., wine-therapy) to maintain us creams, Body Scrubs and facial sprays with the power of the grape!

Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley says: “The Spray revives and is super, to fix the Make-up!”

Here you can see the Beauty elixir for about 15 Euro shopping

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3. Bleach-Shampoo for beautiful hair

The maintenance series of the French Star colorists Christophe Robin combines natural ingredients such as lavender and chamomile with real Salon Expertise for stressed hair.

Natalie Portman is a big Fan of the natural cosmetics and raves: “The Shampoo is a dream – it makes my Hair look really wonderful.”

Here, you can now shop the Shampoo for about 23 Euro

4. Glow Mask

111 Skin supplies the Beauty world with the latest technologyup to now , but free of critical additives, such as paraffins and silicones.

Priyanka Chopra maintains regular your skin with intensive care. “Through the mask everything that I command then just looks, flawless from”praises you.

Here you can get a 5-Pack of the face mask for about 80 Euro shop

5. Pure Lipbalm

The American brand Burt’s Bees produces only natural cosmetics, mainly from bees wax, milk and sugar base – sounds delicious, and nourishes good enough to eat!

“Pitch Perfect”Beauty Anna Kendrick on the Lipbalm, because: “When I leave the house without Lipbalm, is ruined, the whole day.”

Here, you can now shop the balm for about 6 Euro

6. Natural cosmetics for strong Curls

For your rarely-seen nature-Krause Model relies Elsa Hosk the Curl cream Maria NilaThe Swedish Label with pampers 100 per cent vegan range.

The 31-Year-old says: “Thanks to this series, see my Curls healthier from than ever before!”

Here you can use the hair cream for about 24 Euro shop

7. Power-Cream

Good for us and the nature we do Origins. The Label has today over a Million trees planted worldwide. Its Mission is to create natural, high-performance products for a better world. Since the creams do twice as good!

Celebrity Fans is Ashley Benson. “I love it, my Skin soft and shiny to maintain!”

Here you can shop the cream for about 55 Euro

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