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As would have tried to Terrence Malick on “awakening the moon” – more accurate would be Noah Hawleys of true events inspired Astronaut-Drama “Lucy in the Sky” can hardly describe.

Film facts: “Lucy in the Sky”

  • Release: iTunes US
  • R-Rated
  • Genre: Drama/Biopic
  • Runtime: 124 Min.
  • Camera: Polly Morgan
  • Music By: Jeff Russo
  • Book: Brian C Brown, Elliott DiGuiseppi, Noah Hawley
  • Director: Noah Hawley
  • Cast: Natalie Portman, Jon Hamm, Zazie Beetz, Dan Stevens, Ellen Burstyn, Tig Notaro
  • OT: Lucy in the Sky (USA, 2019)

2018 overpowered “La La Land”-Director Damien Chazelle with his Weltdraumdrama “awakening the moon” in narrative intimacy as choreographed stunner and delivered one of the best films of the year. That Noah Hawley (“Bones tells The bone hunter”) in his first feature film is now just a rotary year later by a female astronaut and travel into space, remembered as the first look at the current and #MeToo and co. initiated a Trend to turn to reinforced films about women and to make them on a level with the innumerable works of popular men. The should actually be so, can only say: too Bad, that it needed only an Online campaign. However, “Lucy in the Sky” is, not at all like a out of necessity or compulsion, born out of work, but as a story, the narrative is worthy of.

In the center of the astronaut Lucy-Cola, whose character was inspired by the 1963-born Lisa Marie Nowak is. Nowak was (as Lucy in the Film) a single part of a space Crew, and then started a criminal „career“.


Back on earth

The ambitious young astronaut Lucy Cola (Natalie Portman) has just returned from her first space mission. She saw the Blue planet from above and is of the sight of it, still blown away. Back on earth, arrived, no longer go to her these images out of my head. From then on, she feels small and insignificant, no longer finds its way back into your everyday life as a mother and a wife. Lucy would like, so quickly it goes back into space. About your adjustment problems in the real world, she speaks, meanwhile, with a psychiatrist. This is realized Lucy’s mental problems, what the young woman uncomfortable. More and more Lucy, the relation to reality is in danger of losing and increases in a delusion that is hard to bear, for their environment only with difficulty. And he will escalate…

So much is revealed: “Lucy in the Sky” is different than the initially quoted “awakening the moon”, not a classic space film, but deals mainly with the consequences to a Mission, as well as the preparations for the next flight. But above all, the Elliott DiGuiseppi and Brian C. Brown (design jointly the “About a Boy”series) wrote the script of the emotional excesses of the protagonist, who suffers after her journey into space under post-traumatic stress disorder told. “Lucy in the Sky” is primarily a character drama that Noah Hawley staged primarily associative with relatively little dialogue, but with the aid of some exquisite visual gimmicks. Especially Lucy’s sense of emotional loneliness in the normal world, Hawley, respectively, his cinematographer Polly Morgan (“Legion captures”) a wonderfully aesthetic, if not, for example, Lucy moved through the rooms, but the rooms (= the world around you) as if weightless in your past.

At some point you get as viewers the feeling that this woman has in the Here and Now, nothing at all, and in All much better is repealed.

Nevertheless, you must not say that it makes the script due to reduced to the minimum narrative easily. In particular, about the main character (of all places!) one learns hardly anything. And Natalie Portman (“erasing”) all that effort to get this impression of aloofness to the bitter sweet end. With her and the outsiders us to have pity on, not is sometimes difficult; especially as Lucy’s environment is given much more attention. Lucy’s harsh mother must stick with the characterization of the cliche „skating mother“ settle your of Lucy, even at a distance and holding the husband (Dan Stevens) is only allowed to say two, three sentences at all, and Jon Hamm (“The case of Richard Jewell”) brings out even the Best of his seductive colleague role, but at least as gifted as a “Joker”-Star Zazie Beetz, whose character only serves to provoke a on the final to add to the controlling triangle.

At the end, especially all those scenes are interesting, in which we perceive Lucy’s world from their perspective; the fascination for space travel as well as the lack of interest in the normal world. Here Noah Hawley sequences in its sequence of equally associative, such as a beautiful Picture of a similar opaque as his colleague Terrence Malick. And applies even more: you have to love!


“Lucy in the Sky” follows a post-traumatic stress disorder suffering an astronaut through the world and on the way to the next use. The action remains strangely aloof, develops a fascination, if you can commit to the staging, and no „”awakening the moon” with a woman“ is expecting.

“Lucy in the Sky” is soon to come in the German cinemas.