DiCaprio is giving away roll of film, Bieber & Co model – cinema follow


The snow ball effect: Leo DiCaprio and Robert de Niro raffled a roll of film, with now dozens of Stars, from Justin Bieber to Tony Hawk.

For #America food Fund Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert de Nero are giving away a role in the new Martin Scorsese Film, “Killers of the Flower Moon”.

The principle is simple: allinchallenge.com you can donate, with the money, food is bought for the needy in the Corona-crisis. The more money one donates, the higher the Chance that you win after the expiry of a period of time the price is.

But it would not be a Challenge, if not others would be nominated. “Leo and Bob,” as DiCaprio and de Nero in the presentation video call, nominated, talk show Host Ellen DeGeneres and actor Matthew McConaughey.

The accepted immediately. Ellen offers to the winner to host a Show with her, McConaughey invites a Person to “Texas food ball Experience”.

Private concert from Justin Bieber to playing Golf with Bill Murray

The Star Line-up on the donations page is now enormous. In addition to sports stars Drake offers a flight in his private plane, Justin Bieber plays for the winner with the Song “One Less Lonely Girl” in his house, Tony Hawk is giving away a private Skateboard lesson, Robin Thike to write you a love ballad to the body, and Justin Timberlake and Bill Murray download your the winner of a Golf game.

10 dollars it is. With Stand 16.4. 17.30 have already donated over 6 million.

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