Christine and the Queens covert “Highest-In-The-Room” by Travis Scott


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Christine And The Queens covert “Highest-In-The-Room” by Travis Scott

Some robs people of self-isolation during the corona of crisis, any kind of energy, others draw the more creativity from the quarantine. The French artist Christine And The Queens seem to belong to the second category. Already in the past few weeks, the 31, has made-Year-old with Performances of home attention. So she sang her Song “I disappear” via video transmission at the Graham Norton Show and was part of the gigantic Livestreamgigs “One World: Together at home”, on Friday, the 18th. April, was held. Now the musician has released another Video, in which you can covert Travis Scott’s Hit “Highest-In-The-Room”.

Héloïse Letissier, Christine And The Queens whose real name is, is well-known for like to new Genres and a certain amount of experimentation add. The Pop musician is now trying to hip-hop and Trap, is, therefore, not a Surprise. In her Performance of “Highest-In-The-Room” mixes Letissier French with English and replaced the original Trap Beat with a spherical Voice Over your own voice.

Both versions of “Highest In The Room hears” in the comparison:


Christine And The Queens rose in the last six years, one of the biggest pop stars in France. With their 2014-released debut album, CHALEUR HUMAINE, and the successor of CHRIS from the year 2018, the singer there, each number 2 in the Charts. Their blend of 80s synth-Pop, R’n’B and French songs, put a fresh Wind in the Pop. At the beginning of the year Letissier to put the EP LA VITA NUOVA, on which she presented five new Tracks. The musician released a short film in which she performs all the Songs from the EP at the Opéra Garnier, the famous Opera house in Paris.


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