PS4: Sony is giving you two games! So you will be assured of the Free Games


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Due to the Covid-19-pandemic, you want to games Sony support to remain at home and gives the two of you PS4. We tell you which and how you can get them.

  • Sony starts “Play at Home“Initiative in the fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic.
  • Player get two Free Games for the PS4.
  • Sony a directed Fund, to grab Indie Studios under the arms.

TokyoJapan Is One Of The Coronavirus Pandemic provides all over the world for output restrictions and so more people than ever are sitting currently at home, the spread of Covid-curb 19. Sony reacts and starts a program to the gamers make the Isolation more enjoyable. At the Start of the Initiative “Play At Home“given Sony two Free Games for the PS4 and at the same time for all those suffering from the Virus the most.

Free games for PS4: Sony launches “Play At Home” and gifted players, as well as Indie Studios

It is not the first Time that Sony generously to the Coronavirus-Crisis responsive and Player with free content on a regular basis. Recently, the company teamed up with Activision to bring a Combat Pack for Call of Duty Warzone on the way, the PS4 players from now on free can download. However, not only the Japanese group with its headquarters in Tokyo shows itself generous. In the past few weeks had already some publishers and developers decided, in their Players thanks for that, that you comply with the output restrictions diligently.

Play at Home: Sony launches Initiative in the fight against Covid-19 – PS4 players get Free games.

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The two Free Games of Sony to gamers drive to continue to stay in your own four walls, the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic to get under control. However, the free Games for the PS4 only a part of the “Play At Home“-The Initiative of Sony. In addition, the company has set up a Fund to support independent developers in these difficult times.

In the official post on the PlayStation Blog it is said of Sony President Jim Ryan: “Independent developers are crucial for the heart and soul of the Gaming Community, and we understand the challenges and financial difficulties that many smaller game studios have to face. Therefore, IT has (Sony Interactive Entertainment) a Fund designed to support you in this time.” 10 million US dollars to wants to turn Sony available, the fair PS4 developers in the service of the group should be divided. Be safely considered to be a number of Teams that are currently working on titles for the PS5.

Free games for the PS4: These free Games are part of the “Play At Home”Initiative

Depending on in which Region you are in, distinguish the Free Gamesthe Sony as part of the “Play At Home“give it away. While the selection in the Rest of Europe looks a bit different, may Player in Germany, the following two titles for free for the PS4 download:


14. March 2012


That game company


PS3, PS4, PC, iOS

required storage space

3,92 GB

The current price (PS4)



05. September 2017


Japan Studio



Required Storage Space

40 GB

The current price (PS4)


In Germany get PS4 players with Journey and Cracking two different Games free to your console. While Journey more to still Discover, and Feel of the game world, is Cracking 2 an action-Packed platformer with a lot of destruction. What both Free Games however, have in common is their positive mood – something that can make use of in times of Coronavirus pandemic, really any player. Here are Sony tact proves. The two Free Games for PS4 you can of 16. April 2020 up to 06. May 2020 for free in the PlayStation Store to download.

Also in the European region blessed Sony PS4 players with free Games. There it is Knack 2 however, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection free. The reason for the exchange in Germany, the local youth protection regulations. Since the Uncharted Series in Germany, there is a USK 16-received release, and even Free2Play or Free-To-Play with an age restriction of a control in the Form of a small fee of 25 cents will be charged, has Sony instead, decided to give Germany a game without age release. The choice fell on Knack 2.

The age control is, of course, for Games with a USK 18 release is mandatory. If the action would, however, have only to PS Plus users extends, would be Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection to also have free of charge in Germany have been. Finally, Player when you Complete a PS Plus subscription, to verify her age. German Playeralready using PS Plus, is likely to interfere with the exchange, however, finally gave away Sony the first three parts of the Uncharted Saga in January for the PS4.

In the meantime, could adversely affect the Coronavirus also the price of the PS5. Also the Xbox Series X could be affected. Fans are disappointed right now.

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