The new Album of Fiona Apple


Drei years, six years, seven years, eight years. These are the distances of the previous five albums by Fiona Apple, and even if the waiting times are getting longer: to date, Endurance has, in the nothing of their rare nonsense videos on the remains except for the yearning to stare at Youtube and the eyes of each Fitzelchens, which it produced between the albums, worth it. This is also true for “Fetch the Bolt Cutters” (Epic/Sony), the new Album from the American, a high dose of emotion from advanced Percussion, unexpected confessions, and barking dogs. Fiona Apple’s bulky charm has changed a bit since their Grammy acceptance speech for her first Album, when she joined at the age of only seventeen years, in front of the crowd and proclaimed: “This world is bullshit.”

Julia Bähr

But as a singer and music capricious sometimes give: Exactly twenty seconds it takes until the Album embraces his listeners. Because the piano in the first song, “I Want You To Love Me”, so clear, bright and roaring like a mountain stream. The “New Yorker” told Apple recently for an in-depth portrait, you have to want to develop the Album, in fact, a disordered collaboration with the musicians out. What you reported sounds a bit like primal scream therapy without screaming, in any case, very to California, where the New Yorker now lives, and has not led at the end of the goal. For that, you had to sit down again at the piano, luckily, because by singing the do, and with her beguiling contra-Alt, attracts the listener with cotton candy, to join them in a wild carousel. Fiona Apple has, in fact, does not say a lot to that we know that we want to hear it.

“We don’t want your tiny hands / Anywhere near our underpants.”

“Get the bolt cutters”: This is a quote from the series “The fall” with Gillian Anderson as a police Detective who says this to a colleague, because she wants to free a girl who was tortured. “Fetch the Bolt Cutters” is an Album about liberation, about trauma, about loneliness. “Shameika” is that Apple has been bullied at school; “Heavy Balloon” is a metaphor for Depression (“People like us, we play with a heavy balloon / We keep it up to keep the devil at bay / But it always falls way too soon”); “For Her” deals with a never-shown rape (“Good Morning / You raped me in the same bed your daughter was born in”). In “Newspaper” and “Ladies” describes Apple, as women against each other incited. Women’s solidarity is one of its major themes – to on one of the few things about which we have heard in the last few years of your, of 2017 as a Chant for the Women’s March to Washington-written Song Trump“We don’t want your tiny hands / Anywhere near our underpants.”

Who now feared to have to do it in this work with a depressing fanning out of the fates, you are wrong. For that, Apple is playful and humorous. “I would beg to disagree, but begging disagrees with me”, she sings, and at the end of a song bark in detail of the dogs in the recording Studio of their house in Venice Beach – your own and those of the Models Cara Delevingnewho sings in the Background. In the midst of the “On I Go” she promises, and leaves the inside just like your subsequent curses easy. Finally, a producer is sitting behind the wheel, could have an opinion on it. Their record company should have made your experience, since it was bombarded by angry Fans of Apples in the Mail, because around had spoken, the Album “Extraordinary Machine” will slow down, and since Fiona Apple should write for this Album must have a Song and a supplied, in which she demanded defiantly, “Please Please Please / No more melodies”. Their undeniable obstinacy she describes in “Under the Table”: “Kick me under the table all you want / I won’t shut up.”

As difficult as a well-known artist, makes Apple just prefer to do everything alone, with the support of a few friends. Drummer Amy Aileen Wood produced the Songs with her, also the guitarist Davíd Garza is part of the Team and the Bassist Sebastian Steinberg, of the can hitting his strings so shepherd, that you nachwummern a long time in the listener’s head. Nothing and nobody sounds like these four musicians, because no one combines such contradictions directly and complicated, bleak and aufpeitschend, hard and soft. And so the new Album is so fresh it sounds, so much history, it has at the same time: Some of the Lyrics written by Fiona Apple as a Teenager, some of the Songs were reworked in the last ten years, again and again. This is quite unusual in an industry where the singer usually with songwriters einkaserniert and two months later with a finished Album to leave the Studio, and therefore a very comforting thought. With music it behaves basically the same as with food: Above a certain level, it should not be produced too quickly. Including the loss in quality must be balanced with fat (i.e. Butter or Beats).

Who wants to only listen to one of these slow-cooked songs to make a picture, you should try it with the “For Her” for the Fiona Apple itself all the voices recorded, the drums played, and other instruments has been omitted. Avant-garde, Yes, a bit, and sharp, and yet beguiling. Some topics can be discussed just not in the Bel Canto, so Fiona Apple sounds like a overexcited kieksendes little girl, sometimes like a sphere of chants, sometimes like a ship’s horn. Their music has long since reached what many women want: it’s not always good to be.