Streaming service “Quibi” – Pathos and Trash in the appetizers, format, culture



The new streaming service “Quibi” offers a series of short format. This works rather bad as right.

Oh no, not another streaming service, some people may think.

And a quick first glance shows: The offer of “Quibi” (short for “quick bites”) – with productions in the fields of Reality TV, Drama, Thriller, Comedy, (celebrity)News and documentaries – covers similar territory as the market leader, Netflix.

But there is a difference in the world. The consequences of all of the formats take all of them less than ten minutes, and are designed exclusively for mobile use.

Want to be called: You can view all the series, both in Landscape and in portrait mode on the Smartphone.

Entertainment on-the-go

As the target audience for this series, the boomers are in the first line immediately before and after the turn of the Millennium provided.

The time limit, the consequences as well as the exclusive mobile use can also suspect that Quibi would have been positioned from the start as a streaming service for on-the-go.

The right time?

Due to Corona, the various providers are booming. However, Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay and Hewlett-Packard and Dreamworks co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg, behind Quibi is likely to be, less of the world’s the measures taken, the self-isolation measures delight as the well-established competition from Netflix or Disney+.

Because while the Streaming race to enter, in which large parts of the clientele, almost inevitably, the movies and TV shows with a lot of meat on the bone for (re-)discover, testifies as seen by self-confidence or gross negligence.

It’s fitting that the service, which costs this country on a monthly basis for eight francs, can be tested for 90 days free.

Big Names

To Budget and as a result, big names, it’s not for a lack Quibi: As a series Creator you could commit Steven Spielberg, Steven Soderbergh, or Guillermo del Toro. Their productions, however, still have to wait.

In front of the camera, there are with Idris Elba, Jennifer Lopez, Kevin Hart, or Christoph Waltz to see some world-famous faces.

The most interesting question of the potential subscriber, is: to what Extent do entertaining stories in under ten minutes, tell?

A simple answer, there is not.

The Trash-raise the flag

The previously retrievable productions from the field of fiction are convincing, although for the most part, visually, to stay in terms of content, but all of them pretty thin, and suffering from pathetic dialogues, or exposure to pregnant women in the narrative voices.

The Thriller series “Most Dangerous Game” or the ‘ 90s Coming-of-Age crime story “When the Streetlights Go On counting”.

Better the series, the head held high to work the Trash-raise the flag:

“Let’s Roll with Tony green hand” shows the in the title mentioned Joint-rotation-virtuoso as he used to create individual masterpieces for its illustrious guests from the Comedy world.

In “Murder House Flip” to make “True Crime” and renovation of each other, in which a Team of interior designers is pepped up houses, in which once Unspeakable has played.

Such a hanebüchenes broadcast concept can only be used as a satirical comment on the voyeuristic Reality TV fascination of this Millennium is understood.

Regardless of the Genre, the “Quick Bites” can be good with cigarettes and compare them: you create a distraction for a few minutes, without the need to be spiritually present – but in the end, the negative long-term outweigh the consequences.

Show: Radio SRF 3, 15.4.2020, 10:10 PM.