Sophie Turner: Ready for a new “X-Men”movie? – Köln


The actress revealed whether or not they could imagine a return. Actually, last year, with “Dark Phoenix,” the last of the planned “X-Men”movie with Sophie Turner.

Soon, 20 years ago, the first “X-Men”-part in was in the theaters. Since then, it has been done in the Franchise a lot. Now it includes all twelve films. After the Original trilogy, a new period was created in line with James McAvoy, Sophie Turner, and Michael Fassbender, who added another four parts. The only one who was almost always kind of was Hugh Jackman as “Wolverine”. But even which was worn by 2017 to the grave. After four films, the new Saga should be associated with the “Dark Phoenix”, the film cycle to a worthy end. At the moment nobody knows how to go on. But there is hope.

But no end?

After all, was able to secure Disney with the Acquisition of 20th Century Fox in the last years, now finally the film rights to the “X-Men”. The majority of the Marvel rights, the media group has already. So it would be conceivable that the series will be continued under the new chief, or even to the MCU integrated. Therefore, Sophie Turner, the young “Jean Grey” embodied, was of, again “Varietyasked about ” the thing. The Fans will certainly be happy that the 24-Year-old would love to return to the super heroes. The experience and your colleagues all have been so great, that you would give anything to be able to again play the game. However, the actress does not know what Disney is planning to do in the future with the Franchise. It is only the hope remains.