Kylie Jenner fights back against body – shaming- Cologne



Meanwhile, the birth of a daughter, Stormi was two years ago. Of course, has changed as a result, the body of Kylie Jenner and does not want to hide.

Although she is the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, do not need to hide the 22-Year-old certainly. After all, she already has her own Make-Up Empire, and a sweet daughter that is her Pride and joy. Although Kylie Jenner is not married to the father of Stormi, but still both care for the Little one. In fact, they have accustomed well to the Co-Parenting and spend all the major holidays, like last Easter together as a family. This come rumors of course, whether or not the two could not be but a Few. Currently, the two keep a very low profile, and leave hardly anything to the Public domain. This is interesting, because in the case of the Kardashians, Yes, otherwise everything in the great bell is hung. They know how to market themselves, and because the youngest daughter is no exception. Can fight back, however.

No to body shaming

The Kylie Jenner proved recently on Instagram. There, according to “hadHollywood life” an Account of the old video footage of the 22-posted Year. The goods from the time before pregnancy. Of course, it wasn’t long until the first pointed out how slim the businesswoman was at the time but. Such comments would have been relatively harmless. But then, one User wrote that the young woman would be better (as“better”), when she was still slim. Something wanted to listen to Jenner in no case. So she replied that she had since then brought a child into the world. More and more often, you have to observe that it is by women after a pregnancy is not expected to immediately lose back all the weight. Nevertheless, more and more mothers are choosing this pressure not to give in. So, the entrepreneur sets a good sign against body shaming. In addition, they showed for the last time in swimwear, to prove how beautiful she is even after the birth still.

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