Comment: According to the Corona-crisis has to be Germany green


If the Corona is in crisis, we cannot continue with business as usual. The pandemic is a reminder to mankind for the rapid reversal.

To go to the Evil to the bottom of it, is unpleasant. After such knowledge-mining, a person must look in the mirror and often reluctant to ask: to Change your life, return! But we are masters of repression, friends of pleasure, and do as before.

According to Corona, this is no longer possible, otherwise always new viruses are looking for a home and living in a hell of social distance and welfare loss transform. Who doesn’t want it, you should follow the advice of the climate activist Greta Thunberg, a wise and admirable stubborn woman. So you said that in front of Corona in a speech in the French Parliament: “you don’t have to listen to us. But you have to the science of listening. That’s all we ask.“ Those who follow the sensible recommendation, do not come around to the realization that “the destruction of nature is the crisis behind the Corona-crisis”, as it has been said the Federal environment Minister, Svenja Schulze. The SPD politician calls for a new global strategy of biodiversity, i.e. a diversity of existing organisms and processes. It can be based Schulze on leading scientists, like the Virologist Sandra Junglen of the Charité in Berlin about on the ground in Africa have understood that individual pathogens, such as now, the Coronavirus thrive and from animals to people can Hiking, if the biological diversity is decreasing more and more.

People need to give nature back to larger space

People to nature areas, however, the larger space and increase the biodiversity, the according to the findings of scientists to a “dilution effect”, i.e., a decreased risk of pandemics. So we need to stop more and more natural habitats to acquire and destroy. It is not just a distant rain forests, but also to areas in the local Wide, sealed with an incomprehensible vehemence and with roundabouts, velvet is still more shopping deserts are expanding. Researchers warn strongly against making animals more and more refuge areas in dispute and to force you to always be closer to the people and come closer.

Who is the appeal of Greta Thunberg the following lands in the research results of the Harvard University, after which people die more often on the Coronavirus that live in regions with worse air. Accordingly, the increase of a micro higher with grams of fine dust per cubic meter of air, the Corona-death rate to an average of 15 percent. Because of the fine dust diseases increases the risk of Asthma or cardiovascular. At the point of knowledge hurts most: Because at most of the fine dust is created according to the findings of the Fraunhofer experts in braking due to the abrasion of car and tires, and the resuspension of such particles. In heavier cars with larger tires, so just SUV’s produce tends to be more fine dust. The eco-friendly cars-vaunted electric vehicles, but often plenty of excess weight on the scale and have huge tires. The Federal environment Agency therefore advises drivers to be as narrow tires as possible. Also, you should make carpooling and public transport use.

The environment must be better protected

Who will protect the environment better, so the diversity of species increase, the fine dust and reduce the risk of infections will decrease, should rethink his life. It must be green – especially in the interest of the economy, which suffers in Corona-times enormously under the impact of human crimes against creation.

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