SEO is key as a marketing strategy and solid long-term, according to Wonder World Media


Wonder World Media, a marketing agency expert in digital marketing and specializing in entrepreneurs and Startups, explains that the search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the initiatives of digital marketing more effective today because it is one of the strategies more robust in the long term

Andl SEO is the process of improving a website so that it is positioned in the top results of search engine keywords and phrases related to a business. Few more keywords are working, and better sorted the easier it will be to be found. 80% of consumers conduct their product research on the Internet. After you search for something, more than half of the users discover a new company or a product. With the SEO tool as one of the strategies of digital marketing, that is usually the big business.

The main reason to use SEO, organic positioning, is that almost all of the users begin their search for a new product or service with a search engine.

In terms of direct investment on Google ads, Facebook ads and Instagram in times of quarantine is possible that the competition is stopping your online investment, what should be an opportunity for any business since the consumption of social networks and content on the internet has skyrocketed in the last few weeks, you may be able to be a good time to start, even if it is with little investment, a marketing campaign.

Many industry professionals recommend starting the trial campaigns in times of crisis, for once, have been positioned on top of the competition.

“Because by the end of this crisis, which will end up, it’s going to be a deep readjustment of the market and only a few that are up at that time are the ones that will be able to take advantage of the moment of return to the activity and to the achievement of customers”. Also, Wonder World Media recommended to make a review of the web in these times offers free.

The web page or the online shop are often the great forgotten. Many companies opt for making an online advertising intense but neglect its web site and the benefits it can bring to a proper design.