What kind of R. O. B. is this? Sony patented robot that accompanies you playing



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Sony Interactive Entertainmente already released relevant information technical about the PlayStation 5. Now, while the details disclosed are robust, are not what the public expects. Even the new control, which goes by the name DualSense, left a bad taste in the mouth among the fans despite all the positive functions that it entails.

A way in which fans can give a slight idea of what the PlayStation 5 you can do in practice are patents that are filtered or reveal with the passage of time, and one of them is a robot companion that is developing Sony. This piece of hardware sits down next to you while you play, and can detect and respond to reactions.

According to the patent, the robot Sony accompanying you both in the annoying more happy and more stressful which can cause some regret. The images show the little doll sitting next to you and a camera connected to or what we believe is a PlayStation 5.

Sony, patent robot

While there is a definite article, and much less a piece that could exit the market, the robot that develops Sony consistent with the rumors that spoke in his time about an artificial intelligence type Alexa that would have the PlayStation 5.

Sony has more of a patent, however, a few become reality

We have already reported in the past several patents that are related to the PlayStataion 5one of them is this robot that is being developed Sony whose features sound like they will be in the next generation of consoles. The issue is that a few times, these creations end up materialized.

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On the other hand, it is impossible not to relate this patent of robot of Sony with the old R. O. B. who had the NES. Although the ideas are different, at the end of the day, the two articles accompanying the user during their games.

For the moment, no more details that we are able to give tracks more concrete or specific about the PlayStation 5. Hopefully Sony will encourage them to reveal more about its next console now that the new fiscal year is underway and the fans have a desire to know more about the future in the entertainment-focused videogames.