Best songs of the patch 10.8 TFT


After several days of patch 10.8 League of Legends and TFT, the players already know what is strong and what to play to climb elo in ranked.

In fact, the goal has not changed in a way exaggerated, but yes it is true that some compositions such as Mechapilotos has deflated a bit.

For this reason, we have thought of making a small guide of compositions and see what it is optimal to play in this patch 10.8 TFT.

It is the time of the Guardians of the Stars + Sorcerers

The composition of Guardians of the Stars with Sorcerers it has become, possibly, the composition stronger of the goal. And if not, the best.

The goal is to achieve as soon as the 6 Guardians of the Stars and 4 sorcerers, then fill it in with a spatula. I leave an example:

Example of composition of Guardians of the Stars + Sorcerers

The goal is to achieve Syndra 3our princinpal carry, and also to Neeko in the frontlane at 3, since that is the tank of the composition that will withstand the blows of enemies.

The nerf the Mechapilotos have caused the robot to generate Annie, Fizz and Rumble is much less powerful, although viable.

In fact, still playing with Infiltrators, though it is now a composition a lot more balanced. Remember that the goal is to make a Wick 3 and that Shaco it is our carry main.

The Dark Star have excelled in the patch 10.8, being one of the compositions more viable and optimal to the next which we will discuss later.

In summary, the goal is to achieve a Shaco to 3 as soon as possiblein addition to having a Jhin well equipped (to be able to, with Edge Infinity and Last Words), in addition to looking for other characters to 3, as Mordekaiser or Lux.

Composition of Dark Stars in the 10.8

On the other hand, there are 2 compositions that are rising as the foam and they are more than viable. The first is that of Fighters with Rebel, in which Jinx and Miss Fortune are the main carry our setup.

Are also important Cho’gath and Blitzcrank; the first to perform crowd control and area damage, and the second is important for the placement of the computer and be able to catch from the distance an enemy piece of relevance.

Finally, Chrono + Swordsmen is proving to be a composition very viable, especially if we get a Kayle with objects such as the Guardian Angel, the Cannon Rapid Fire or the Espadafuria of Guinsoo.

Chrono + Swordsmen

As you can see, is important also Miss Fortune, as well as achieve soon 2 Chronos with Wukong and Ezreal. Despite this, the composition is difficult to achieve by Kayle.

To finish, we wanted to remember that there are other compositions that give good result as Cyber, Mechapiloto with Sorcerers, and even Protectors, who with the change of Rakanthis piece is more than interesting.

Important note: remember that there are some Galaxies that boost the power going to the comps toplike that give us a Force of Nature at level 5, the carousel epic at the beginning, and even the reroll free in each round.