Top 5: The best free games for cell phones with Android


The offer of games on Android is huge, but don’t you browse more! in Culture Geek you choose the best of various genres and the best price, or for free.

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The advancement of the current technology in cell phones allows us to enjoy games that makes it a short time ago we would have been implausible. If you’re tired of TikTok or the video loop a lady who tells us that we should smile, fortunately, the games which you are going to recommend are free. Here we leave you a list with some of the best free games for Android.

5. Brawl Stars

Supercell it is a name in the market of mobile games and after the success of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, we go direct to his most recent work that is Brawl Stars. The online multiplayer game of action, that we will be able to play with friends or fight alone in any of their five game modes, plus special events.


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In Brawl Stars you’ll be able to choose from more than 30 unlockable characters that possess skills and combat styles that are unique, and that we will be able to level up. Characters that take the field of battle either in its classic mode of capture the gem, its battle royale mode or even to play a “chopped” his way Brawl Ball.


The game is available on devices with Android version 4.3 onwards, and of course it is FREE in the Google Play Store.

4. War of The Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

The latest installment of Square Enix for your series Brave Exvius he picked up the moment a great reception from the public due to their production values. Some even risk to qualify as the spiritual heir to the classic Final Fantasy Tacticsone of the spin-off most celebrated of the Final Fantasy series.


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War of The Visions we propose a role-playing game tactical in which we will fight by turns in their maps in 3D. In addition, like in Brave Exvius (this War of The Visions is a spin-off), the mechanical gacha, which allows us access to playable characters or “visions” that you will join us in battle.

Features a main story mode that takes place in the fantastic world of Ardra. In addition to combat, we will be able to improve our characters, to assign professions, hundreds of skills, summon beasts, mythical, participate in events of limited time and access to new game modes as you advance in the story.

A negative point is that like many other free games for Android, we will require significant grinding (repetitive tasks) for access to items, enhancements, and allies exclusive, in a system similar to the controversy loot-boxes. However, this is not a limitation to enjoy War of The Visions and if you enviciás as much as us to try it, the grinding it will not be a problem.

The game is available on devices with Android version 5.0 onwards, and of course it is FREE in the Google Play Store.

3. Call of Duty Mobile

The shooter, by excellence, came to the end of 2019 with its version adapted to mobile phones. The verdict is unanimous among its followers, an experience at the height of the console (saving graphical differences insoslayables) a gameplay no ifs or buts, a variety of game modes that have little to envy to the major installments of the franchise.


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In addition, the game had continuous content updates and improvements on the part of Activision. In conclusion, the COD you have always dreamed of at your fingertips. Look for the most comfortable place in the armchair of your house and be ready to deal headshots from your cellulose.

A proposal inevitable for fans and a product of high caliber among the free games on Android.

The game is available on devices with Android version 4.3 onwards, and of course FREE for your Android phone, in the Google Play Store.

2. Pokémon Masters

If with Call of Duty we are talking about a large group of fans, with Pokemon, we find ourselves with a universe of followers of the franchise. Countless spin-off products and above all merchandising, we would have to make a click.

With this in mind, is that since August of 2019 we have a new one delivered located in the universe of Pokémon. Developed by DeNA, a company that already collaborated with Nintendo on games such as Fire Emblem Heroes, Super Mario Run or Mario Kart Tour, comes this Pokémon Masters. A RPG focused on fighting 3 vs 3, where you will have to cope with the opponents to try to become the champions of the Pokémon Masters League, a kind of Champions League but with Riolu and Gengar instead of Cristiano and Messi.


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In Pokémon Masters we’re going to build our team of coaches and pokemones ideal, since in this game the relationship between creatures and coaches will always be 1 to 1 and not coleccionaremos creatures, but rather coaches who will fight to the par our. The game will also allow us to form a team with other players in online co-op.

Is available on devices with Android version 5.0, although the official page suggests that we have installed the version 7.0 onwards, and at least 2GB of RAM to be able to enjoy a good gaming experience. Of course it is FREE for your Android phone, in the Google Play Store.

1. Teamfight Tactics

The game began as a way of League of Legends and that became an instant success came to the mobile platform in march of this year.

In Teamfight Tactics we are going to face seven other players in rounds of combat that happen automatically (that is called: Auto-battler) in which the essential point will be to distribute the best composition of characters possible to defeat our opponent.


Despite the fact that the premise sounds simple, the background to this strategic game is highly addictive because we have to consider not only the strength of our characters (or champions) but the one from the opponent, as well as the synergy between the characters that we put in the arena of combat.


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Teamfight Tactics enjoying a casual mode and a competitive mode, like its “cousin” League of Legends, and has crossplay, so yes, from your cell you’ll be able to tackle any player for PC or MAC.

Is available on devices with Android version 7.0 onwards, and of course FREE for your Android phone, in the Google Play Store.

These are just some of the Android games free that exist in the vast offer of the Google Play Store. Comment and discuss if sumarías any more to the list so we play!