Riot experience with the new galaxy Teamfight Tactics that has units of 2 star hotels in carousels – NoticiasVideojuegos


Riot Games is trying to add more variety to the mix to keep things fresh for your base of players in the new Tactics of fighting in a team season.

In a recent publication of the developer, Blake “Beernana” Edwards and Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer unveiled two new galaxies that will debut in the following patches, as well as how the set goes so far from the perspective of the game and the fans ‘perspective.

In the next patch, Riot will add the galaxy Treasure Trove to the game. In this galaxy, guarantees that each NPC and monster drop an item instead of gold or units. Although this may seem funny, the possibility of getting the galaxy Treasure Trove will be much lower than the other.

In addition, Riot are experimenting with a new galaxy which will have units of two available stars during the carousels. It did not provide much information besides this, but this could be a galaxy revolutionary to hit in your games classifieds.

“In general, we are excited about how TFT: The galaxies are going too far, and this is mainly due to that you’re excited about, ” said Riot. “The galaxies have landed well and have added a lot of new ways to play, and it seems that there is a lot of creativity and exciting times”.

Last season, many players thought that there wasn’t much variety when it came to winning. This season, there are many ways to succeed, including multiple compositions and different galaxies that keep the players alert.