Final Fantasy VII Remake: How to get Bahamut


Final Fantasy VII Remake it is already on sale and has enough content and secrets to give you more of a return to the game. One of its most important elements are the subjects of invocation and get them have their joke.


In total, there are nine subjects of invocation within Final Fantasy VII Remakeare Ifrit, that you get of Jessie at the end of chapter 3, then the Chocobo to the Moogle that is in chapter 6, and four more – Shiva, Fat Chocobo, Leviathan, and Bahamut – you get inside of virtual missions.

The remaining three come in the deluxe version Final Fantasy VII Remake or as an object of preorder. Having them all is complicated, however, signify an important accomplishment that serves you during the fighting.

Now, among all that are by default in the game, the Bahamut it is the most complicated because it requires making too many side quests and that takes a long time.

What do you need to get the matter of Bahamut in Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Within Final Fantasy VII Remake there is a character called Chadley, a kind of guy infiltrated Shinra that helps you get stuff cheap as you will aid to fulfill certain tasks within the field of battle.

The more missions you complete, you’ll have access to a fighting machine virtual within the game you will face to invocations respective. If the defeats, you will be left with the matter and so you can use them during the fighting most important.

Now, after you get to Shiva and the Fat Chocobothe invocations are easier to come Leviathan and Bahamut. To get to Leviathan it is necessary to comply with 14 pre-assignments, being the most complicated to stop reeling to 40 types of enemies. Also is activate refocus a couple of times, but that is not so complicated.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Bahamut

Unlock Bahamut it is heavy because you have to have the other 19 tasks that you left Chadley, between them, the more complicated it is to defeat 10 unique varieties of monsters and climb as high as 12 types of matter.

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When you already have these 19 missions accomplished, you can go with Chadley to face Bahamut

How do I beat Bahamut?

Complete the tasks to get to Bahamut were a headache within Final Fantasy VII Remake, defeat it, since it is not so much. The first thing you should know is that you have 48,937 points of HP in easy mode. One of the rewards when you defeat Bahamut is to get 30 skill points to level up your weapons.

Bahamut is resistant to Silence, Poison, Sleep. Slow and Berserk. This invocation has two skills that loads with your bars of ATB: Threshold Inferno and Threshold Strikes. When your time reaches the limit, the dragon run Megaflare, an attack that technically clears the screen of enemies with an attack of 9999.

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