World of Warcraf: Shadowlands will have their own way autobattler according to sources


Blizzard still working on World of Warcraft: Shadowlandsthe next expansion of your veteran MMO that is brand new this summer and has already started its alpha stage closed on the test servers that are able to participate in some lucky followers of this massive role-playing game.

Precisely, thanks to the mining data, we have the new information of the expansion that you will be able to include your own way autobattler, a particular genre of strategy that has become popular in the last few months thanks to Teamfight Tactics, AutoChess, Dota Underlords and even Hearthstone Battlegroundsthe first foreplay of Blizzard to this genre.

This Autobattler will be integrated in some way into a new mode “Adventure” that will be on the panel of missions of allied NPCS (characters that are not controlled by the player) which is present since a few expansions and that allows us to send to certain partners to comply with a few goals to win gold, reputation or other elements.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Image 1

In this ocasin, thanks to the mining of data, we found that our allies have active skills to fight the enemies, besides having animations for the spells and even death, as well as the possibility of placing them in different positions of a board as we do in a Autobattler.

By the time you need to know if this filtration thanks to the mining of data is what it seems, and that there isn’t even a picture of this game mode, or may be simply an idea thrown out that remains in the code, but Blizzard has confirmed the middle Polygon of that the mode “Adventure” is realwithout going into the details of what is included in the same.

With references to the controls of PS4 and PS5

Since estren beta Shadowlands the last week we have had new and juicy information of this expansion that in your code also makes mencin at the controls of PS4 and PS5 as we told you in this news.