Teamfight Tactics: championship Galaxies will have the best in the world


Riot Games informed the fans of the good news in a posting on their official blog today, confirming a tournament Teamfight Tactics that will consist of 16 players and sharing details about the future of the autobattler in e-sports.

The Championship called Galaxies of Teamfight Tactics will begin at the end of Set Three, where players will compete for a jackpot of $ 200,000.

“Sixteen players from around the world qualify through a system of ladders and tournaments to the region-specific to ensure that the best players from each region to represent their region,” said Riot Games.

From the first week of may, Riot Games shall be awarded points weekly based on the classifications of the ranking american. after 12 weeks, the 10 players with the most points will win a place in the final of NA.

Box official to try to qualify for the Championship Galaxies of Teamfight Tactics. | Source: Riot Games

There will also be several online tournaments in the month of may to give two other posts for the final, as well as of four additional positions provided through “qualifying events partner” in the months of June and July.

The end of North America will take place in mid-August to determine the two players will pass the Championship of Galaxies of Tactics Teamfight.

The two finalists, the americans will join 14 players from other regions, including Korea, China, Europe, Latin America, Brazil, Turkey, the CIS and the Middle East. The video games each time they confirm their interest in esports and Riot Games have it clear with all their titles, Teamfight Tactics is not left out.

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