No one saw anything more grand! The top of Sun Pérez was raised and they saw it!


There is No doubt, Sol Perez it is special even in times of quarantine, argentina everything is an example of happiness and harmony in what we have seen of confinement. It has made a photograph in the garden of his house in which the top has just played a trick and has taught me what is underneath.

The days of wine and roses for Sun and Guido Mazzoniafter breaking and re-reconcile the couple it has been given a second chanceand apparently everything is going on wheels. Train together, face ‘challenges’ and published their results in TikTok, improvised games of volleyball and at times, working, the couple is living his particular honeymoon.

The gyms that has a property Guido, have been forced to close but Sun you can still work from homethe program ‘The angels of the morning’ was presented by Angel Alberto Brito has been one of the last ‘shows’ where argentina has dropped, but from the living room of your home.

Just before appearing in the direct, Sun made a picture to give a good morning to his followers, the posture chosen by Argentina was not the most ideal, its top went up so much that it left the view of both the size of some abs well worked as the green color of the bikini that she wore underneath.

It is not the only program with which it is collaborating with Sun from your home, on the radio and thanks to the ‘Show attack’ he played the confinement of their listeners with their occurrences, and that she prefers the tv and that their followers can see it, even though it is not on set but in ‘streaming’so you can wear the tops you love and that let to see what is underneath.