I move it again! The dance of Jessica cediel after seeing, in quarantine, and it accompanied!


Something happens to Jessica Cediel After Seeingas soon it escapes a laugh as suddenly she starts to crythis woman is a case. To put the note of joy the confinement Jessica he scored a dance with a few companions is very special.

Just before they declared the state of emergency, Jessica published a documentary with powerful images about the operation that he had to finish of cutting the polymers of his body, his followers appreciated your trust and openness.

Mack Germain, the one who would be your partner, just to regain prominence stating that their commitment to cediel after seeing it was the fruit of love and not of interest and of his fame as she says. While is all this happening, the presenter of the met 38 years locked up in her house.

The mother of Pipe Goodanother one of your ‘ex’ and now boyfriend Luisa Fernanda Whe sent a bottle of wine to your home so that you enjoy your day, a gesture that not liked anything Luisa Fernanda.

And while the phone calls and the messages came home and Jessica, the presenter has put to music and it has marked a dance accompanied by their parents, who have not hesitated to move the hips.

The model has had the luck that their relatives were with her when she was declared quarantine and you have done company in its day, as she herself says, a birthday, a different but no less special.

In addition to the nice message dedicated to your parents, the model took the opportunity to thank all who congratulated him for his day and had special words for your sisters who could not be at the event.

Note that is a family with rhythm, because neither Jessica nor her parents constantly on the move while the music plays.