Teamfight Tactics: update 10.8 and changes of balance


Last week it was announced to Teamfight Tactics a fit to the values in the streak of gold, but it is only one of several changes that will occur in the update 10.8 for the Set Three Galaxies.

The changes of balance today’s announcement revealed various benefits for various class as the Infiltrator, Rebels, and Dark Star, while the Wizards received a nerf. Also did changes of champion the Master Yi, Rumble and Syndra.


The compositions that used Sorcerers have increased within the target in Teamfight Tactics but the construction of four -, six -, and eight champions are getting a nerf.

The class Infiltrator, however, is getting a little love with an increase in attack speed with six champions. And the class Rebel can come back to prevail once more.


The attack speed bonus of 6 winners increased from 120% to 125%.


It has increased the bonus of 9 champions (275 shield and 15% damage) to (350 shield and 15% damage).


  • 4 The power of spell champion was reduced from 50% to 45%.

  • 6 The power of spell champion was reduced from 100% to 90%.

  • Reduced the spell power of 8 champions in the 200% to 150%.

Black star

The bonus of 9 winners increased from (45 attack Damage and spell Power) to (50 attack Damage and spell Power).


The compositions with Blademaster and Rebel are getting hit with a nerf to Master Yi. And despite the nerfs of the class Sorcerer, Syndra acquires a decent profit that will help the class Star Guardian.


The damage of the skill increased from 80/120/200 to 80/120/250.


The damage of skill is reversed of 350/500/900 to 250/400/800.

Master Yi

  • The duration of the ability is reversed from three to five.

  • The healing per second is reduced from 12/18/25% by 10/12/15%.

  • Vs Live: on the 8/10/15% by 10/12/15%.

  • The damage real was reduced from 100/150/300 to 100/150/250.

  • Vs Live: of 75/100/200 to 100/150/250.

The changes announced today are tentative and may still change before the release of patch 10.8 to Teamfight Tactics.

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