Sean Penn and his girlfriend Leila George travel to Los Angeles in full quarantine


There are gestures that honor our famous, especially in bad times. The that a day was regarded as the actor most wayward of Hollywood, Sean Pen, has just scuppered his fame as a rebel to traverse the streets of Los Angeles in full quarantine for a good reason.

The state of emergency has been lifted the best of famous and of those that are not. From ‘Leo’ DiCaprio, who he has founded an organization to ensure the food to the most needy until Rihanna with their donations in the millions, singers and actors have turned offering their help. This fight just join Sean Penn and his girlfriend Leila George, to go to areas where the sports test of the Covid-19.

Both the actor and his girlfriend, dressed with surgical masks and gloves, distributed –at no cost – these tests are people who work face to the public.

Since Penn founded the organization Community Organized Relief Effort, CORE, there are many solidarity actions in which it has been involved as a representative of it. The hurricane Dorian and the rescue of those affected in the Bahamas or the different events that were organized to raise funds for the victims of the fire that took place in Australia, are some of the disasters in which Penn has helped.

Now despite having decreed the social isolationSean and Leila return to get the monkey of work and work together to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Among the upcoming projects of your charity is to create a center in which to perform these tests in one of the most humble of California.

And all of these charitable activities are carried out while is preparing to direct and star in his next film ‘FlagDay’, one of the best film actors of his generation who enjoys spending part of his time to taking care of others, how great!