– Millions of dollars! This has had to pay Adele for her divorce


It seems that the remarkable weight loss the british singer Adele also adds a considerable loss of moneythe one that has had to pay all the professionals that have led to your divorce. Today Adele account with a few million less in the bank but I can already tell that it is officially divorced.

Exactly one year ago that the singer announced that had been separated from her husband, Simon Koneckithe father of your child and that he had been living together for 7 years. After 365 days after their separation, the singer has obtained the divorce.

During all this time, the intent of Adele, has been that not screened to the media any information about the agreements that it could reachfor this motive , applied to the courts of The Angels accorded confidentiality to its process.

It is known that the couple signed no prenuptial agreement before getting married, and the singer, that in addition to their properties in Kensington and Brighton recently did with another property in Los Angeles. For his part, Simon also not go short of money, so it is said that the division of property is not going to be any problem for them.

While it is true that they are not going to know financial details, which yes according to several british media is that to Adele has cost him nothing more and nothing less than $ 170 million to make cash in on your divorce.

Little is known if Simon has a new partner, in the case of Adele speaks of a possible relationship with the rapper Skeptawhich , in another time, outside a couple of Naomi Campbell.

Assiduous to the celebrations that organized in their homes Drake or Beyoncénow more than ever has a good reason to celebrate.