Kimberly Loaiza burning Instagram It changes in front of the camera!


Few things most explosive we have seen to it that this change of look in an instant, and revolutionary who has starred in ‘the cuteness to be more ” of Mexico, Kimberly Loaiza, and that has done to burn Instagram to the ground. The super influencer mexican, who on more than one occasion it has highlighted that his office and the benefit is your wall and channel, go up as the foam, because in only a year, has boosted its number of subscribers in almost two million.

And it is because of things like this. Change or die, I thought Kimberly when it was conceived. And with this left in awe to their millions of fanstoday , which are counted by 16.8 million throughout the world, changing the color of hair from blonde to brown in a transformation that has enabled him to try new things, including a style much more aggressive when it appears on screen and thanks to your boyfriend and also well-known influencer of the aztec country, Juan de Dios Pantoja.

Kimberly Loaiza

Kimberly, 22 years old (it is 23 on the 12th of December, because it was born in 1997), it has been clear always, almost crystalline, with the people that follow it stating without fear that their income, today huge, the get from your account at the known platform and other social networksthat there are not enough studies and that this is the life that loves to live. In fact he told her everything in one of their popular videos, called ’50 things about me’.

But is that this change has been radical and in front of the camera, and not only has an impact on your hair color, but in their manner of dressa delicate matter for an influencer. The best thing for her is that the Team Jukilopteam that way with his partner (who by the way was the one who put that nickname loving), the youtuber known as Francisco and The Super Troutare delighted with this new way of seeing the life of the american.