Daniela Ospina I asked James Rodriguez not to do it! Pump (and fat)


James Rodriguez is going very wrong in this quarantine. Completely alone, without Shannon de Lima, and with only the company of his son, Samuel, who is only a few months of life. And, more than anything, what gives is the work, then you must take care of him only for your baby. Obviously, as all, the Real Madrid player is having a really bad, boring, sad, lonely and depressed. In addition, you also can’t exercise the way you would like, since you can not leave your child alone, so you can’t say that to be in compliance with the guidelines of the therapists. Just take care of your diet, then neither can respect the hours of rest required.

In this crisis, the international coffee is having time to reflect a lot about your current situation. Your life, your work, your habits, your hobbies… and believe that he is not complying with its obligations as a father with his daughter, Salome, who is about to turn seven years old. Since the breakup of his ex-wife, Daniela Ospina, and beyond by 2017, barely can see during a few weeks of the year, something that is very little time. And you can say that is not present during your childhood, something that hurts a lot. Why the sister of the goalkeeper of Napoli, David Ospina, has asked you to take a very important decision. And obviously, it is about his football career.

He wants to leave Spain soon, and that recale in Major League Soccer, specifically, on the Inter of Miami. The new franchise David Beckham gets a salary important, and in this way, you could see a lot more of his daughter. A very interesting option for James, the next month of July will comply with 29 years.