¡Crisis! Shannon de Lima it’s not what you can cover more! This has happened


The relationship of Shannon de Lima and James Rodriguez goes for his most delicate moment, surely. And is that, as many experts predicted, the quarantine will end up with a large number of relationships. Well due to the fact that the experience of cohabitation does not leave anything good, and both make the decision to separate their ways. Or, because the distance between the two will cause a distancing, and a cooling that may not be recovered, something that affects, in particular, those that do not take more than a year. And in the case of the south americans, is the distance the great reason for the that can break. Because it is worth remembering that, for reasons that are still unknown, although everything points to a fight days before the declaration of quarantine, the venezuelan took the suitcases and left, with his son, outside of Madrid. In fact, it is unknown if it is still in Spain.

None of the two parties can cover or hide, and are limited to keep quiet while they do not stop to ask and ask for answers. In the absence of details, it is clear that they have a conversation pending, and that, today, seem so much more close to sign the divorce and separation that follow together. Just in an unexpected turn of events, things could change in a radical way, because there are very few times that invite to the hope and optimism that you don’t break.

James and Shannon, for the moment, opting to remain silent, and not to give any hints to anyone. Although its discretion is already the most obvious sign that things are not going good at all. And above all it reflects on the social networks of the ex Marc Anthony, who is normally very active and usually interact much with their followers.