“Before the Glory”, the new cinematic of League of Legends, ” we Speak of Gamers


Before the Glory” the new kinematics League of Legends that thrills the fans.

A few hours ago, in the social networks League of Legends, was made public new cinematic of the video game.

Tales of Runaterra: Demacia, “Before the Glory”is the title of the audiovisual, which has already more than 100 thousand of reproductions in YouTube and occupies the 24th place in the trends of the social network.

In the video, you see two children go to what would be the training place of the warriors of Demaciasubsequently take two wooden swords, and with the help of your imagination fighting against a huge dragon fire.

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In the battle, both children look like the famous Garen Crown Guard and Fiora Laurentbut in a few moments later, they reach the true characters and share a nice time with her two admirers.

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