Antonella Roccuzzo ¡sunken! This has happened with Messi. Last time


Antonella Roccuzzo and Leo Messi are taking their time to think about this quarantine caused by the coronavirus. Because it is worth remembering that, before this all broke out in Spain, and all over the World, the future of the argentinean was greatly discussed. And is that I was not happy with the direction of Barca this season, he was eliminated in the Spanish Super cup by Atletico Madrid and into the Copa del Rey by Athletic Club. To this we must add that the arrival of Quique Setién, replacing the sacked Ernesto Valverde, had not improved anything, since neither the performance remained as expected, neither the results nor. In fact, in League Santander fight you for the lead with Real Madrid, with the they lost the Classic, and in Champions League they were not able to win to Napoli at San Paolo in the first leg of the knockout round.

Athletically, everything was still a fiasco. And extradeportivamente, things went even worse. For a start, the captain-barça already had a crossing statements fairly risque with the technical secretary, Eric Abidal, who did not resist. It seems that his past as a fellow has been forgotten, and can’t see. And more impaired yet is his relationship with the president Josep Maria Bartomeu, who is accused of financing a million euros in the creation and maintenance of a company in charge of ruining the image of Rosario, his wife and various colleagues such as Gerard Piqué.

His departure from the Camp Nou was very likely, although he has now received a bad news. That is that one of its pathways, the Inter Milan, has fallen down, through the fault of the coronavirus, which has hit the economy of the whole ‘neroazzurro’. Italy is a destination that really like to ‘Anto’, therefore are very welcoming to the south american, and preferred to go there than to the cold England, where it barely sees the light of the sun, and speak another language, in addition to having a very different culture.