A player of Teamfight Tactics you share a trick to get champions of three stars in a consistent way


For those fans of Teamfight Tactics in search of a bit of luck in their games, is there anyone that offers a suggestion.

With Teamfight Tactics Galaxies pumping damage to their units of three stars, players can make a good profit if they turn their resources to level up your champions. The player TFT Darkhood, undoing the strategy of how to get those precious units of three stars more consistently.

There are only a certain number of champions in the pool of TFT. How much higher the tier, the less of each champion will be available. And if players want to defeat the other, it is difficult to do if what you’re trying to do is get nine units of a four-time winner of coins to convert it to a unit of three stars.

To get the best chance that touch a unit is top tier, Darkhood recommended to buy other champions of the same cost. This way, you make the pool smaller, and will increase the probability of finding the unit that you are looking for when you reroll.

“At level seven, if we want to find Jhin, there will only be 12 Jhins in the pool,” said Darkhood. “So if we have gold, we can buy Soraka, Fizz, or any other unit of four gold to make the pool smaller. So, the next time you rolleas, you will have a higher probability of giving with a Jhin with other tier four.”

But Darkhood not spend all your gold doing that. What you need to do is to spend only the gold is left over for this to work. If you have 37 gold, for example, Darkhood only use seven coins to buy champions. This ensures that you receive the bonus of 30 coins in the next round.

Those who are looking for more content, gameplay, and guides of the game can visit the channel Darkhood here.

This article was originally published in English by Andreas Stavropoulos on the 6th of April 2020.