What is Courteney Cox or Jared Leto? The image that confuses all over the world


The actress Courteney Cox has left with the mouth open to all its followers, or perhaps it is Jared Leto who has done become the actress. Who will interpret the role of Monica in the series ‘Friends’ has put in a predicament all of his followers.

The quarantine begins to have side effects in the behavior of all which we are confined is a reality difficult to deny. Will Smith it has been put to record from the garage of his hometo Jennifer Aniston we have entered a mad desire to fix the cabinets and Courteney Cox has given him by using filters in his publications of Instagram, and with that you can change of appearance.

And is that the male version of the Cox has given much play to his followers they even hesitate to say if it was the actress-turned-Jared Leto, or if it was the actor that looked like the actress.

The image of Courteney converted into man has not gone unnoticed by her friend cast Jennifer Aniston, who has not hesitated to comment on the publication with a “I am DYING” with a good bunch of emoticons that can’t hold back the laughter.

In addition to becoming a man, Cox it has also used the filter that allows you to become a baby on Instagram and the result has been just as good. To the rhythm of a topic very moved and dancing, the actress has left to see with quite a few years less, turned into a cute baby, with this publication of Courteney has had the same success that his transformation into a man.

Sure, if you do not know the trick used by the actress or not would have told us hesitate to speak of him or her, because the similarity between Leto and Cox is undeniable, don’t you think?