To hallucinate! The new occurrence of Will Smith during the quarantine


Will Smith don’t rest or be locked up in the house, the imagination the actor is not to give forms to ideas with which to entertain during the confinement, and with which to entertain others. Its last occurrence has carried this out from the garage of his home.

He has made it clear in more than one publication, misses his co-stars of the film ‘Bad boys’ and that now is now available in streaming the second installment of the saga.

He has danced to the rhythm of Marty Mar next to his companion Martin Lawrence to make us company and when it has tired of moving has had the occurrence most surprising of all that we have of confinement, the actor from the garage of his home starts a series of direct-to help take the solitude of these moments.

‘Will from home’ are a series of direct from Snapchat in which the actor he speaks of his family or features special guests such as Tyra Banks, and that this it is not the only app that Will do this kind of ‘programs’, Instagram and Youtube are some of the other platforms favorite Smith to amaze with their ideas.

These direct –issued Monday, Wednesday and Friday – the same time that he with his new facet as a presenter in the program ‘This Joka’ premiering today via the application Quibi. On this occasion, and during 16 episodes on-line the interpreter will interview comedians veterans that will reveal in a humorous way many of the secrets the origin of which is in Las Vegas.

It is clear that there are famous for that the quarantine has already come to them of pearls to exploit their vein more creativethe Will Smith already knew, but sure now your humor is appreciated múcho more than before.