The video-game industry celebrated the “Day of the Innocents” of the united States


On the 1st of April is a special date, since in many countries it is celebrated the April Fool’s Dayday equivalent to April fool’s day in Argentina. As usual this generates a lot of news falssa and activities with the aim of making people laugh. In the industry of gaming became a usual practice, and studies such as Riot Games, Activision, Blizzard, Platinum Games, and Capcom, did not let pass the opportunity of joining the initiative.

One of the first to take the spear to make jokes was the producer in charge of League of Legends, Riot Games. Through a post made under the name of “Ask Riot: big plans for 2020”, the company invited users to know all the supposed innovations. These, divided by section, indicate to users, for example, that in the field of esports is added a selection of roles to the rooms G2 Esports and was removed to Yuumi account Sam “Kobe” Hartman-Kenzlerthe popular commentator.

In terms of Valorantsay in tone funny: “we Spend all the budget of development in music and in servers to 128 tick free-for-all, so that we do not allow memes”. In turn, by the side of Teamfight Tactics, sponsored the arrival of the title to the smartwachs. Without a doubt, since Riot took the time to laugh a little themselves, combined with a wide community of players.

In regards to Nintendo, the developer Rakujira took advantage of the rumor that indicated that his application, Flipnote Studio, was about to be launched to Nintendo Switch. A few days ago, a user had uploaded images of the app in operation, with a new logo and different colors. This was inspired by large-scale fans, who today met with a statement from a developer of the company indicating that it was all a joke to make fun of a couple of groups of Discord.

By the side of the Pokémon, there was also deceit, since that had been taken by force, a supposed leak of the soundtrack of The Island of the Armor, Sword and Shield. The fans, excited with this, were a great disappointment to learn that it was just something invented by the channel Video Game Music Resources.

The Russian company Gaijin Entertainment, decided to go a bit further and shared images of a device very futuristic so-called War Thunder Controller”. With a large share of humor, the company filed its characteristics: “it Is based on the requests of users of the official forums and the fans of the subreddit of War Thunder”. Among its features, highlight the inclusion of a button that allows you to change the graphics settings from base to top.

The shooters also got this in the April Fools Day. Overwatchthe game star Blizzardadded to all of your characters eyes bulging. While Call of Duty players were met with a message that is more subtle, but no less fun. The developer allowed in the map shipment, one of the smallest in the game, believe games 10 vs 10, thus generating a great chaos in him, but with a lot of fun.

On the other hand, the PUGBpresented a special mode for this day, in which players can choose between wizards, rangers and paladins, which must fight with weapons that are absurd and fun. However, this format will have a little more rope, as it will be available until the 8th of April.

Despite being one of the most serious and professional of the industry, Platinum Games nor let the opportunity pass to have fun. The developer is japanese, had indicated that the April 1, would place a major event in its history. This resulted in a collaboration dummy with the Hamster Corporationcompany with those who would alliance to launch the sequel of Sun Crest, an arcade, 1985.