The biggest surprise of your life! So that was the original idea of Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston he says that only lee the news of the pandemic two times a daydue to an overfeeding of information had moments of anxiety and now metered releases. During an interview ‘on-line’ in the program Jimmy Kimmel, Aniston hit the surprise of your life to a spectator.

With the appearance in the live of Kimmel, Jennifer not only answered questions about how they are doing in the confinement and in what to invest the hours, the actress also wanted to lift the mood of a nurse, Kimball Fairbank, infected by the Covid-19. In addition to head to her with a message very loving and full of strength, the actress offered him $ 10,000 so that he could buy food.

Along with the economic help, the health was recognized that the call of Aniston was the biggest surprise of his entire lifehis excitement was added to the a Aniston that on several occasions he referred to the bravery that all the professionals are showing in these moments.

In addition to this surprise, Aniston also recommended to the viewers make cleaning in the houses to keep the mind occupied, resolve riddles and puzzles –as he shares the ‘on-line’ with her friend Ellen DeGeneres– as an alternative to the series and films and put in order the cabinets to exercise without having the feeling of doing sport.

To the surprise of all who listened, the actress has confessed that for her to be confined at home “has not been a great challenge”, that the real challenge is deal with enough serenity and calm to the current situation.

For Kimball, these days will be difficult to forget, not only for being away from her two small daughters, but by the call of a great Jennifer Aniston which made him infinitely more bearable isolation.