Patch updates 10.7 | TeamFight Tactics (TFT)


The patch notes 10.7 TFT have come and bring innovations with respect to the start of the game

In these notes patch 10.7 of TeamFightTactics (TFT), autobattler of Riot Games, the biggest change comes are the galaxies, these event will do that at the beginning of each game is different with various versions. On the other hand also come nerfeos and buffos to various synergies such as in each patch.


The galaxies are the new element of this set, and they work in a special way. At the beginning of each game you are assigned in a galaxy with its own rules. Currently, there are only 3 but you could get more types of galaxies with time.

The first of these is the Neekoverso where all the players receive 2 aid neeko at the beginning of the game, the second of them is the Nebula purple in which the first carousel includes just chips cost 4and finally the Galaxy medioleyendas where to get 25 extra life and your pet will be larger.


The biggest changes in terms of synergies receive Reaper of mana and Dark star. For a part now the synergy of Reaper of mana is active only with 2 units which greatly improves this feature.

In addition Dark star is also very changed since the stacks will not only a champion but is given to all the other a small improvement when a Dark star dies.

Swordsman, Chrono, Shooter, HechizeroFighter, mystic


The tabs of level 5 were dominating the goal, ultimately, is why we are going to see its power reduced Aurelion Sun, Ekko, Gankplang, Lulu and Miss Fortune. This is why they are all going to see how your skills or stats are reduced in order to avoid that you get several tabs of level 5 is victory assured.

On the other hand Xin Zhao has received a change that increases the damage of the skill but it raises the mana you need to cast the skill.

Caitlyn, Darius, Kassadin, Soraka, Velkoz, Wukong, Xayah and ZoeAurelion Sun, Ekko, Lulu, GankPlang, Miss Fortune, Shaco, Ziggs


The object of the game changes in this version nerfeando objects that prevent healing, such as improved red and the Morellonomicón reducing their damage by sunburn.

Dagger Statik, Armor WarmogImproves red, Morellonomicón

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