Jett comes from Korea and is the new character of VALORANT, the shooter of Riot Games


Riot Games has shown a few characters of their new game “VALORANT”being a title shot, which will be launched shortly. Recently revealed through his social networks, a trailer featuring Jettalso reported on the launch of the competitive mode, very similar to the ranking of League of Legends or Teamfight Tactics of the same company.

Jett has qualities of being a character fast, with skills that make him a white elusive. With the ability to transform an adverse situation, where it is surpassed by numbers, he is able to finish with your rivals in no more than 30 seconds.

The mode ranking will come after the official launch of VALORANT, although do not have an exact date for its launch.

The design leader Trevor Romleski is the one who confirms the implementation of the rankeds in VALORANT.

Riot Games considers it prudent that the players are accustomed to the game modes as much as the characters, before jumping into a mode more competitive. With this it is expected that users will have time to test the different possibilities and composition of teams, and that during this time may not affect the range of competencies.

By the time VALORANT does not have a release date, just know Riot Games that will come at some time in 2020 for the PC.

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