Don’t wear anything! Lina Tejeiro surprised with this photo and from your home


Lina Tejeiro leads almost three weeks without removing the screens are set and the tops, is passed the whole day doing exerciseas if the hours to pass faster. Just posted a photo surprising in that it appears without anything during the confinement.

After having been confirmed –although only from photos and messages- the return to the arms of Andy Riveranow the actress gives by talk of loneliness and sadness. And I don’t really know if it is because of the quarantine and to be alone at home or whether I speak of solitude sentimental, but after reading your message the assumptions have not been made wait.

And is that not only attracts the attention the lines of the writer Kelbin Towers with that Tejeiro accompanies its publication, it is surprising to a lot of that Lina appears with the face clean, without wearing anything makeupwith a hairstyle impromptu and informal, and an appearance sagging.

In these moments the only company that has Lina are your three pets, Kimmy a Yorkshire Terrier of seven years, Romeo a Pomeranian for two years, and Coco a Chihuahua a year and a half, none of them has been bought, all are gifts from friends or to special people, like Kimmy, the detail that Andy had with the actress and she has never hidden.

Apparently the ‘sons perrunos’, as the actress affectionately calls them, are not sufficient company in these moments, Lina feels alone, and not just what they say, their words, their appearance and their face without any paint gives you the feeling of sadness.

This would be a time great for that Andy back to surprise her with a call in directas the interpreter of ‘Préstamela to me’ made him days ago, it sure as well would raise the mood of Lina, and it is possible that then the actress dared to put some shine on the lips.