The selfie with bikini thread Eva Andressa that paralyzes Instagram


The musa fitness Eva Andressa don’t have someone to match. In the networks there is no body to compare to yours. Despite the fact that other influencers such as Yarishna Ayala or Michelle Lewin try to get a little, what is certain is that Eva earns them all. In these days of crisis it has become more creative than ever.

Recently published a photo that looks very bare. You can observe the figure with total freedom because the brazilian left nothing to the imagination. Wearing a bikini neon yellow yarn that is the measure and combines perfect with your complexion. His rear looks more pronounced, as he adopted a pose that allows the weight of your body is distributed in the lower parts. The legs are as sharp as always.

In the post he says the following: One more, to keep the cute food!. His followers were fascinated, therefore got many comments, some of them were: These photos are for despair to those who are losing the way or even have in the quarantine. Linda, Touched him wear the dress of a bathroom in the house. Very beautiful Eve and very original and What image, goddess. With more than 5 million followers on Instagram, Andressa has a lot of audience to inspire.

The effective tips of Eva Andressa to be fit

The bodybuilder recommends some tips that are important if you want to continue this healthy lifestyle. He notes that 15 minutes of sun a day are very useful to produce Vitamin D naturally, which helps with essential nutrients to achieve strong bones and muscles.

In addition to a balanced diet, recommended to do cardio and sleep enough hours to provide the necessary rest. Eva Andressa is the most skilful in the exercise, which is why, their professional knowledge the lead to the top of the world.