Sol Perez finished with all of that in the face because of her boyfriend


Sol Perez it is from the presenters of television’s most beloved in Argentina. Its beginnings, giving the state of the time you have opened unquestionably the door to success. A couple of years ago to be a participant in the program Dancing for a dreamit favoured the recognition. That moment of glory it knew how to capitalize on becoming a star of social networks, thus managing to reach any corner of the planet. As a lover of the exercise, the fact of being healthy, taking care of your physical and mind, it has become essential to be in harmony.

The sense of humor is one of the things I most love about this beautiful model, always with a smile to give and that great vibe that you all energized. Taking advantage of now that celebrities do and post their videos in Tik Tok, Sol Perez I could not stay behind. And is that found in times of pandemic the best time to hang a video of the most fun sharing with her boyfriend, Guido Mazzoni.

We see them doing the challenge of the pastry cream, which consists of a series of issues quite personal to the dessert will become a war. The two were very smooth in their responses, even to the point of not knowing who it was pressing its face against the cake. Reached more than 670 thousand reproductions quickly. Definitely, have a good time in the home is the best option and generates extraordinary emotional dividends.

The fans had a great time and this was reflected in comments such as: Beautiful up with cream in the face and If I enclose myself with Sol Perez please do not complete more quarantine.

Sol Perez explodes your creative side

The beautiful Sol Perez do not lose time to show all its fascinating qualities in these days of quarantine. The reality is that it has become more creative than ever, taking the time to post videos and pictures of all kinds. Ranging from fun moments, high-temperature and entertainment. What matters is to be entertained to lower the voltage the better for it.