Carmen Villalobos puts them adjusted and photograph in this way


It is always gratifying to see Carmen Villalobos in social networks, because that is charming, filled with virtues and charisma. Currently, together with her husband, Sebastián Caicedo, complies with the quarantine in a rigorous way, and encourages his followers to follow his example. To reduce a little bit the boredom, all the days she stays in touch with his audience, being the cause of a great deal of interaction.

In a recent image, Villalobos poses as the great model that is surrounded by a metallic background. The outfit selected is composed of a pair of pants in cuerina very tight and a body of black color. In the photo, very well done, Carmen radiates freshness and a beautiful figure, it could be said that further highlight its excellent qualities.

The professionalism is related with everything that makesbecause each publication has a positive message, full of love and wonderful energy. The difference of Villalobos with other artists of the medium, is that gives equal or greater degree of importance to mankind on the talent.

Carmen Villalobos is not miss Colombia

For the beautiful colombian, help is something that is always willing to doand even more so in this time of global pandemic. Together with her husband, was invited to be a part of a campaign to raise funds, buy food and distributes it to needy families in Colombia. Through ABACO (Association of Food Banks of Colombia) and the Red Cross Colombia, made getting food to the most vulnerable citizens of their country.

Overflowing of goodness and solidarity, the actress invited his followers to join according to their abilities, thereby supporting a worthy cause. Considers that it is the ideal time to open the heart. In a critical situation, we are noticing again the human quality of a star that has left the individualism too far from their priorities. Carmen Villalobos it is all a wonder of compassion, empathy and talent.