¡Bestial! The last photo of Lizbeth Rodriguez I, to show size!


The ability to get leave with your mouth open with every thing that one does is a gift that few people possess. One of them is without a doubt Lizbeth Rodríguezthe youtuber and influencer mexican savor the success wherever it goes; something that complements its perched lightweight fabric in your personal account of Instagram. It has always been characterized for being a woman very bold and without fear of anything, something that shows constantly.

Lizbeth rose to fame discovering the infidels that was down the street to the famous Youtube channel Latin american ‘Badabun’. After a childhood very complicated decided to leave the house for study theatre, something that has been very well to succeed in the world of social networking and as creative content. Your program ‘exposing infidels’ came to be one of the most famous speaking of the whole network exceeding the several million displays in all their episodes.

In your last post, the mexican has surprised his followers with a tight dress and black that leaves very little to the imagination of the fans. Accompanied by a few boots to the game and a background of mountain stands out more if it fits the figure of the youtuber Tijuana. His profile of Instagram already exceeds the 12 million followers, and don’t stop adding and adding new followers. There is No doubt that Lizbeth passes through a very sweet moment despite being separated from the channel that launched him to stardom.

After his rupture with Tavo Betancourt it has away finally channel Latin america and has been launched in his experience as a youtuber solo. Has become in a very short time in one of the influencers mexican most famous in the world and in part has been thanks to its perched in Instagram. Lizbeth has many projects for this 2020 that will be revealing in due time, in the meantime, their fans can continue to enjoy it thanks to your amazing photos.