The interview is more controversial Lady Gaga: it leaves them planted!


The controversy it is one of the facets that everyone knows about Lady Gaga, one of its signs of identity, with the passing of the years has consolidated at the top. The singer new york does not usually worry about what people say about their actions, and what has become to demonstrate this quarantine. He has starred in one of the interviews telematics more strange and short of the story, leaving all his fans and to the presenter stunned during the program.

The peculiar episode took place in the program of the famous presenter Jimmy Fallon, since the declared quarantine in the united States has continued its interviews from home telematically. From the connection with Lady Gaga, the singer without paying attention to who was on television I spoke with their assistants; and the summit of the implausible came when shortly after it started cut to the presenter dry the sound a phone background and tell you that he could not speak in those moments, hanging all of a sudden the connection between the two.

Later, the own Lady Gaga has apologized publicly by the image that has featured on the programme; regretting not having had time to conduct the interview a most appropriate way. The own Jimmy Fallon has admitted the apology of the singer and have concluded a new appointment for Monday with the hope that this time they will develop a normal form.

The image you provided Lady Gaga it was a little disconcerting despite the ugly that he dedicated to the presenter. Despite the confinement, the singer is very busy and it seems that it is preparing one of his projects for that to come to light as soon as possible. A big announcement that will possibly in his interview that has been arranged again for Monday along with Jimmy Fallon; a new album to entertain the waiting at home perhaps.