The first time he teaches it! Carolina Cruz is desmelena in quarantine


The days that we confined begin to spite and to cause havoc in the behavior. Carolina Cruz Osorio has surprised all of his followers to the teach for the first time something that, until now had kept hidden.

‘Carol’ is one of the famous more messages and recommendations have been made to reach through their networks, to become aware of the magnitude of this virus, all the days from the start of the running of the bulls have not missed reminders and encouragement for its part.

Accustomed to you look always perfect, the model is still working out at homeusing bottles of water or packets of pulses as if they were weights and being recorded on video so that we can reproduce their movements.

But being confined also prevents you from going to all the beauty treatments the model is still, these days the presenter he has taught for the first time to his followers, his gray hair, the tint of their hair is disappearing and in its place the white hairs begin to appear.

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The naturally with that Carolina has commented on the appearance of grey hair has made its followers to engage in praise its simplicity and to comment on that like to Cross, to them also starts to fail the color of the hair.

If the very Jennifer Lopez dared to upload a video in which he taught his followers how wrong he was done the manicure herself and how much he missed his stylist, now Carolina dares to show their graying hair by not being able to go to the barber.

The model is taking advantage of these days to enjoy your familyin short your son he will be 3 years and although it will be a different day Carolina thought to celebrate it in house, he says that the important thing is the health, and now more than ever.