Sara Uribe and his bad luck with Freddy Guarín that follows him everywhere


Sara Uribe made those risky bets in life with Freddy Guarínin reality with love. And is that the presenter of the colombian fell in love with the experienced footballer and decided to virtually drop everything to make a life with him. Unfortunately, things did not turn out as I had in mind and is now suffering with a bad luck that follows her everywhere.

The model broke the silence about their relationship, revealing finally that all ended, and how bad that has gone past. It was by the Instagram Live that Uribe commented: I was in a depression very brava, I had just come from China, I was with my child in a hotel in Bogota, I took my mom to Medellin and my mom is to me complicated from time to time.

It is speculated that the relationship came to an end because Sara was tired of China, obsessed with the coronavirus and I wanted to spend time also to your career. To his bad luck, out of asian territory not eliminated the problem, as it is now confined to his country.

Not have been the best times for Medellín, but tries to channel good energy against all the odds.

Sara Uribe seeks hope

To change a little the dynamics of the world these weeks, Sara proposes: What if, for today, we try not to share videos of hopelessness or figures that we are troubled and do more, and we share messages of hope and love? You choose and if you just like it, you can do more.

Not everything can be a concern throughout the days, as they spend the best hours thinking positive. Sara Uribe is facing one of the strongest proofs of his life, until now, with optimism as the force that moves your thoughts. Each day that you defeat, the glory is a lot closer.