Jimena Sanchez is going to the beach in the coronavirus and close the comments


The mexican Jimena Sanchez you have the talent to create controversy with his photos on the networks. Almost any snapshot on his Instagram becomes a great event. Be a presenter which often runs risky skates and others, have become an influencer without limits. On this occasion he crossed the line.

Taking advantage of the free days that brought back the coronavirus, Jimena was considered relevant to go for walks on the beach. Something very puzzling, because the outputs are limited, you should only go out in extreme case of emergency. Will that stay within your home became a difficult challenge? Many people say that it is a change too drastic and that, when something is forbidden, by human nature you want to even more.

The case is that, without to miss the occasion, made a photo on the deserted beach. Back is turned, the top of the bikini is white and the bottom orange. Her hair is loose and really have a pose of absolute calmness. The sunset on the horizon and the waves with your movement, covering the greater part of the picture. Looks a very professional, with a play of colors in harmony. The problem is that you turned off the commentsknowing that his followers would claim to be outside. As few times, the Influencer was decided to leave aside the negative comments and posting your moment of defiance.

Jimena Sanchez pays tribute to Selena Quintanilla

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It is curious that the influencer has made a picture with a look so much like Selena. Coincidentally, Kim Kardashian, with whom he is compared, in 2017, he also made a cosplay of the queen of Tex Mex. It is evident the loop, which, as any mexican, the hostess sit with the deceased singer.

The relationship of Jimena Sanchez and Kim Kardashian is because they both have traits that are very similar. In addition, as a great coincidence, the curves of their bodies are very similar with the one that possessed Quintanilla, But who looks better? It is a difficult choice. The u.s. will always be unique and irreplaceable.