“I don’t think that will pass this.” Paola Jara passes fatal in quarantine


The singer Paola Jara has been the owner of the show since its inception. With a occupation as popular as yours, it is difficult to go unnoticed. Sometimes, there are comments which are scandalous to the media, giving a glimpse of what may be in the thoughts of the artists. The quarantine gave rise to express himself without modesty.

For all it is a fact that with the expansion of the COVID-19 by the world, have not only generated scenarios as unfortunate as the loss of human life, but also mismatches are important in the economic field. Many economists concede that this is not an economic crisis, but that it could come to be. The stock market has declined in many countries, creating problems in the companies. All of this is summed up in job losses, and entities in bankruptcy.

Many artists worldwide have had to give up their tours and promotions, in compliance with the security measures imposed. Constantly, used the support of social networks to generate a content relevance and keep in touch with their fans, which is welcome due to the growing wave of a few chores. However, Paola was affected by this situation, to such a degree of getting to express his dissatisfaction a few days ago.

Paola Jara confesses what is your economic situation

Recently, made a publication in which urged to keep calmusing positive arguments to address the situation. Which do not fell well to their followers, who took the opportunity to comment on this type of thoughts will not be allowing people like her, unlike others that have to work each day to be able to have a livelihood.

The surprise came when he responded to the comments saying that: I, too, am without work and the artists who knows until when we can re-do it, and almost all live music. It was understood that Paola Jara like other was facing a race paralyzed by recent events, however, was a scandal to his reproach, since it has income much greater than the average. Apparently, the isolation has increased susceptibility.