Oh Laura Harrier in a bathing suit! Klay Thompson I can’t stop looking at!


Klay Thompson it is one of the men more fortunate of the planet, despite the fact that there are many NBA players that have to your side with companions beautifulno reaches of Laura Harrier. The actress continues to falling in love to Klay when he sees her appear in a bathing suit.

From Laura learned that the athlete broke up with his previous partner, the model Instagram Carleen Henry by talking too much of his relationship with the press, Harrier seems to have learned the lesson, and open little mouthalthough what it does do is to upload publications to their networks.

The couple nor is it much given to posing together, do it on rare occasions, Thompson does not make any grace fill the covers of tabloids because his intention is that when you talk to him then relacionándole with the ball.

Sometimes Laura gets up to their networks, a picture as of today, in which you can see the athlete glancing while the foreground goes to the model with a bathing suit that is sure to get you alter the mood of Klay.

After last year in the escort of the Golden State Warriorswas on the verge of losing patience while he was recovering from his injuries, Thomspon said to have learned during that time to be more patient, and all because you have intent and desire of to continue playing at the highest level until you reach an advanced age.

You are going to lack a pinch of that patience once you see the publishing of Laura’s, and not so much because it leaves him glancing at the photo, but by the bathing suit that bears his girl and that surely is not going to allow you to keep patience and calm.