Don’t get tired! Disney repeated with the prequel of one of their classics


When something works, why abandon it? This could be the ultimate Disney since the movie studios want to re-release party one of its classic most-viewed. ‘Beauty and the beast’ will have a prequelalthough this time in the format of a series.

Or Emma Watson you will need paper neither will come on the scene, the idea of Disney has been only focus on the character more hated of the tape, the six chapters of the classic will be entirely destined to Gaston and his sidekick LeFou and will be interpreted by the same actors who in his day did, Luke Evans and Josh Gad.

Long-time Disney wants to humanize his villains to draw a little bit of wickedness, why is explain the details of their lives that somehow would have been able to trigger the current behavior, the way Gaston will have an answer in this prequel.

Given the momentum in the last few weeks has suffered from the cinema ‘on-line due to the coronavirus, it is expected that Disney make use of your platform streaming Disney+ to issue this series, although for the moment nothing is known.

We have set six chapters to begin with, but it is expected that the audience respond with their issue and it can stretch a bit more the origin of these two characters.

As in the original tape, Disney intended that the composer Alan Menken is whoever is in charge of the musicand , although it is known that Gaston also will sing in the series, you do not have any intention of that is to see it as a musical in the chapters.

If the explanation of the bad side of Maleficentperformed by Angelina Jolie, Disney obtained a resounding success, it is expected that counting the origins of Gaston’s success is similar. We’ll see if Luke Evans has the same jerk that Angelina.