With a few shorts of satin! Diletta Leotta passed the quarantine as well


No one better than Diletta Leotta you know what that is being in the eye of the hurricane in these moments, the Italian has been forced to stay in your home and leave your journalistic work outside the home after the quarantine. Unlike other famous, Diletta passed quarantine with a few shorts of satin.

The Italian has been quite short on words at the time of express in their networks their feelings on the crisis of the coronavirus. He commented on how much misses his fatherhas made balance of their reflections and has only dedicated a video in which he mentions the needs of its people, but about the possibility of collaborating in any way, has not open the mouth.

As all these days we suffer from the confinement, Diletta he has felt the urgent need to thoroughly clean your home and playing with the mop, although the shape so that your floors are clean is quite different to that we’ll take the rest. Diletta clean the floors of your home in pajamas, with a shortr of pink satin.

Despite the confinement, the presenter has every reason to be happy. Daniele Battaglia and she herself will be responsible for a daily radio show, ‘105 ‘ Take Away’, in which for an hour, issues related to the music Italian and international.

In this way, the journalist plays other sticks quite a bit more different to his role of reporter sports and by what was known until now.

Little time will be now for clean the floors of your home with a few shorts satin at the start of your new program, though perhaps that only lasts for an hour Diletta can take some time throughout the day to do everything.